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Care of the Frangipani Plant


“Rust” (Coleosporium plumeriae)

  A recent fungal problem (within the last 15 years) is the occurrence of rust.

“Black tip” (specific to Plumeria obtusa in cooler climates)


Generally frangipani are not effected by pests but there are some that can cause problems

“Fruit spotting bug” (QLD only)


Plant stress


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Watering frangipani plants
Above: Watering Frangipani Plants

Plumeria Rust
Above: Rust infected leaf

Black tip Frangipani
Above: Leaf affected by Black tip

Bug Attack Frangipani
Above: Frangipani plant affected by fruit spotting bug

Frangipani Grasshopper damage
Above: Frangipani leaves affected by grasshoppers